Komarovski p/k/a Oleg Komarovskyi – first ukrainian mainstream hardcore producer that was officially signed on vinyl. Artist of such world known hardcore / gabber labels as:

  • Hard Kryptic Records (USA)
  • Rotterdam Records (The Netherlands)
  • Derailed Traxx Black (The Netherlands)

And also numerous presence on hardcore techno labels as producer, remixer, audio engineer, mastering engineer, music consultant.

From the very beginning of professional music career he involved in various top-ratings of online stores and radio charts, his music was licensed in VA collections, both in digital and CD media formats. Vinyl release at its peak of popularity took well-deserved place on the shelf of bestsellers, of the biggest vinyl store in Europe “Mid-Town”. Time-to-time Komarovski’s also collaborating with musicians from all around the world on creating joint compositions.

DJ career spans performances in various dance clubs of Ukraine, Russia, and participation in one of the world’s most famous hardcore festivals “Masters Of Hardcore – World Club Tour 2013 & 2015”.

Featured on Labels

Hard Kryptic Records
Derailed Traxx Black
Rotterdam Records
Darkside Unleashed
Digital Plague
Gabber FM
Bangin Beats Promo
be Yourself Music
Cloud 9 Dance
Crashline Records Yellow
Derailed Traxx
Fuck Off Records
Ground Zero
HPG Detonator
More Music Entertainment
Notebook Records
Pink Revolver
Red Fever Recordings
This Is Hardcore!


Including remixes, collaborations, solo tracks.

Seen on Compilations

Including audio mixing & mastering works, mixes, licenses, charts.