Komarovski - Hardcore Techno

Hardcore Techno

Zeom & Komarovski - Time To Move

Zeom and Komarovski - Time To Move
Release characteristics
Music label Hard Kryptic Records
Release date 07 October 2011
Catalog number HKD028
Type Release
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  1. Zeom & Komarovski - In Chains
  2. Zeom & Komarovski - Don’t Stop Move
  3. Zeom & Komarovski - The Shocking Reality
  4. Zeom & Komarovski - Kick It

Official description: Melodic hardcore producer Komarovski has a career that continues to explode! After the release of ‘The Melody Within Me’ (Hard Kryptic Records) and ‘I’ll Never Change’ (Rotterdam Records) and seeing his work licensed on some of the top mix CDs of within the last year, he is sure not to disappoint with ‘Time To Move’. Teaming up with fellow Ukrainian artist Zeom, this release contains nothing short of melodic hardcore without losing any edge.

Zeom & Komarovski - In Chains (Video)

Zeom & Komarovski - Don't Stop Move (Video)

Zeom & Komarovski - The Shocking Reality (Video)

Zeom & Komarovski - Kick It (Video)