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Thunder - O.N.E.

Thunder - O.N.E.
Release characteristics
Music label Darkside Unleashed
Release date 07 July 2013
Catalog number DARKUL025
Type Release
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  1. Thunder vs Nightmare - Far Away (Komarovski Remix)
  2. Thunder vs Nightmare - Come Undone
  3. Thunder vs Nightmare - Alone In The Dark
  4. Thunder - Dont Take Me
  5. Thunder - Pussy Aint Shit
  6. Thunder - Pow-Pa
  7. Thunder - Questions
  8. Thunder - Kiss My …
  9. Thunder vs X-Mind - Miss Honey
  10. Thunder - 3 Years In Dark (Part One)
  11. Thunder - Like This
  12. Thunder & V.S.C. - Dedicated

Official description: Here we are! Since today is finally avalaible on Hardtunes, the first Thunder’s album “O.N.E.” on the scottish Darkside Unleashed records, that contains between the 12 tracks, also new track together with Nightmare “Alone in the dark” and the remix that Komarovski made for our track “Far away” originally released last year! You can’t miss it! Exclusive on Hardtunes for 15 days, then it will be avalaible on all the major digital download portals.

Thunder vs Nightmare - Far Away (Komarovski Remix) (Video)