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This Is Hardcore - The Remixes

2013 - This is Hardcore - The Remixes
Release characteristics
Music label This Is Hardcore
Release date 01 March 2013
Catalog number TIH002
Type Release


  1. Amnesys - The Purest (Advanced Dealers Remix)
  2. The Viper - Get It Lit (Fear Factor Remix)
  3. Evil Activities & DV8 Rocks - Guess What (Synthax Remix)
  4. Anime - Be a God (Myosuke Remix)
  5. Furyan - Conflict (XTNKT Remix)
  6. Kasparov - Living The Dream (Zweitausand Watt Remix)
  7. DJ Mad Dog - Agony (Destructive Tendencies Remix)
  8. Art Of Fighters - Tears Of Blood (Merkurius Remix)
  9. Panic - Doing It All (Komarovski Remix)
  10. Unexist - Danger (Screak Remix)
  11. Nico & Tetta - Restart The Party (Kontrakosmi Remix)
  12. Neophyte - The Remedy (Roughsketch Remix)
  13. Meccano Twins - WTFisthis (NeoX Remix)
  14. Nexes - Stardust (Soul Destroyer Remix)
  15. The Stunned Guys - Dancefloor Dictator (Vicious Conspiracy Remix)
  16. Alien T - The Victory (KHD Remix)
  17. Tommyknocker - Today Is The Day (Track & Trace Remix)
  18. Placid K - Come Down (RLM Remix)
  19. Tha Playah - The Impact (Quantum Void Remix)
  20. The Sickest Squad - Children Of Core (Brutal Jesters Remix)

Official description: Almost 3 months after the launch of the official TiH Album Remix Contest, we will now release the winning remixes. Out of a 1000 remixes submitted, 20 mindblowing remixes have been selected. The tracks range from pure mainstream to the more extreme and experimental beats, but all of them stick to the deepest meaning of the “This is Hardcore” concept.

We're Doing It All (Komarovski Remix) (Mixed & mastered by Komarovski)