Komarovski - Hardcore Techno

Hardcore Techno

Komarovski - I'll Never Change

Komarovski - I'll Never Change
Release characteristics
Music label Rotterdam Records
Release date 19 July 2011
Catalog number ROTT117 / ROTT117-D
Type Release
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  1. Komarovski - I’ll Never Change
  2. Komarovski - Before a Shot
  3. Komarovski - I Shall Destroy

Official description:

Rotterdam Records has the undisputed quality to spot talent from miles away. Literarily miles away. Western Europe and the USA already proved over the many years to be a great soil for hardcore talent, but who might have thought that Eastern Europe has hardcore blood running through its veins as well? Well, Rotterdam Records did, as the label signed Ukraine based producer Komarovski.

Komarovski premiered his tracks on the # 1 Russian hardcore label New Wave Promo in 2010 and since his big riffed melody based tune “The Melody Within Me”, he was snapped up to join the Rotterdam Records alliance. With his three-track EP which includes “I’ll Never Change”, “Before A Shot” and “I Shall Destroy”, Ukrainian Komarovski shall be the evidence that Eastern Europe is forever landmarked on the hardcore map!

Komarovski - I'll Never Change (Video)

Komarovski - Before a Shot (Video)

Komarovski - I Shall Destroy You (Video)