Komarovski - Hardcore Techno

Hardcore Techno

Komarovski - Generation of Dist

Komarovski - Generation Of Dist
Release characteristics
Music label Hard Kryptic Records
Release date 01 February 2013
Catalog number HKD043
Type Release
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  1. Komarovski - The Ark Of The Covenant
  2. Komarovski - Stand Up!
  3. Komarovski - Coming for Y’all
  4. Zeom & Komarovski - Shocking Reality (Zartax V Remix)

Official description: Komarovski is considered one of the best producers in hardcore techno coming out of the Ukraine. His unique melodic style continues to be played by the top DJs in hardcore and regularly featured on the biggest compilations in the genre. Generation of Dist is another classic release from this young producer. A mixture of hip hop vocals, smashing kick drums, epic breakdowns, and larger than life synth comes together flawlessly to showcase his talent for melody while not losing any intensity.

Komarovski - The Ark Of The Covenant (Video)

Komarovski - Stand Up! (Video)

Komarovski - Coming for Y'all (Video)

Zeom & Komarovski - The Shocking Reality (Zartax V Remix) (Video)