Komarovski - Hardcore Techno

Hardcore Techno

Hard-Tex vs Komarovski - Loud & Deadly

2013 - Hard-Tex vs Komarovski - Loud & Deadly
Release characteristics
Music label Hard Kryptic Records
Release date 06 December 2013
Catalog number HKD055
Type Release
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  1. Hard-Tex - Trapped In Despair (feat. How Hard)
  2. Komarovski - I’m Dropping a Hit (Hard-Tex Remix)
  3. Hard-Tex - Beneath The Surface (Komarovski Remix)
  4. Komarovski - Have No Choice

Official description: The Netherlands’ Hard-Tex and Ukraine’s Komarovski are two of the brightest stars coming out of the Hard Kryptic camp. After making their own individual impacts they join together on this untouchable split EP. Each pulls their top track of the other artist for a flawless remix treatment while also bringing to the table an original track of their own. With an attention to melody and continuous innovation the two piece together a project that will sure to turn heads and fill all the dance floors.

Hard-Tex ft How Hard - Trapped In Despair (Video)

Komarovski - I'm Dropping A Hit (Hard-Tex Remix) (Video)

Hard-Tex - Beneath The Surface (Komarovski Remix) (Video)

Komarovski - Have No Choice (Video)