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Hard Tex - Art Of The Melody

Hard Tex - Art Of The Melody
Release characteristics
Music label Hard Kryptic Records
Release date 26 February 2016
Catalog number HKC007
Type License
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  1. Hard-Tex - Art Of The Melody
  2. Hard-Tex Feat. Alina - The Sound
  3. Hard-Tex - Opposites
  4. Hard-Tex Feat. Pyschoforce - Save The Planet
  5. Hard-Tex - Inflammatory (2016 Remix)
  6. Hard-Tex & Outrage - The Night Is Generous
  7. Hard-Tex Feat. How Hard - Trapped In Despair
  8. Hard-Tex - Beneath The Surface (Komarovski Remix)
  9. Hard-Tex - You Don't Know Me
  10. Hard-Tex - Out Of The Ordinary
  11. Hard-Tex - Outraged (Neverlution Remix)
  12. Hard-Tex - Frozen Shiver (Embrionyc Remix)
  13. Komarovski - I'm Dropping A Hit (Hard-Tex Remix)

Original description: The Netherlands' Hard-Tex is one of the top producers in the hardcore techno underground today. This young act's constant work in the studio is proven by tracks that are in league with the top artists in the genre. His work on Hard Kryptic has pushed both himself and the label to new heights since joining the label in 2013. By demand, Hard-Tex finally drops his first full-length album that combines his personally picked top released tracks on HKR with new songs, collaborations, and remixes.