Komarovski - Hardcore Techno

Hardcore Techno

Dj Ded - Bunged Sound

DJ Ded - Bunged Sound
Release characteristics
Music label Hard Kryptic Records
Release date 16 March 2012
Catalog number HKJ004
Type Release
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  1. DJ Ded - Bunged Lady
  2. DJ Ded - Bunged Lady (Komarovski Remix)
  3. DJ Ded - Scary Sound

Official description: DJ Ded’s Hard Kryptic debut brought his brand of melodic hardstyle to a new audience and began a strong partnership between the artist and label. Featuring a hardcore techno remix by fellow Ukrainian and Hard Kryptic star Komarovski.

DJ Ded - Bunged Lady (Video)

DJ Ded - Bunged Lady (Komarovski Remix) (Video)

DJ Ded - Scary Sound (Video)